What does ALS mean?

ALS meaning in General Dictionary


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  • thickening of structure in engine tracts associated with the lateral columns and anterior horns associated with spinal-cord; causes modern muscle atrophy that begins into the limbs
  • In addition.
  • As.

ALS meaning in Medical Dictionary

Amyotropic horizontal sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease.

ALS - German to English

being a ...

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  • as
  • during the time when
  • by the time
  • nor [archaic or dialect]
  • once [with past tense]
  • qua
  • than
  • whenever
  • always
  • often

ALS meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Additionally.

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  • (adv.) As.

Sentence Examples with the word ALS

Von Barenbach's Herder als Vorgdnger Darwins, a work which tends to exaggerate the proximity of the two writers.

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