What does ALMS mean?

ALMS meaning in General Dictionary

something provided gratuitously to alleviate the poor as cash meals or clothes a present of charity

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  • cash or goods contributed to the bad
  • Anything provided gratuitously to ease the indegent, as money, meals, or garments; a present of charity.

ALMS meaning in Law Dictionary

Charitable donations. Any types of relief bestowed upon poor people. What is written by general public expert for the relief associated with the bad.

ALMS meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English

ALMS meaning in General Dictionary

(n. sing. & pl.) any such thing provided gratuitously to ease poor people, as cash, meals, or garments; a gift of charity.

Sentence Examples with the word ALMS

To receive the pilgrim and supply him with alms was always considered the duty of every Christian: Charlemagne, indeed, made it a legal obligation to withhold neither roof, hearth, nor fire from them (Admon.

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