What does ALLODIAL mean?

ALLODIAL meaning in General Dictionary

Anything held allodially

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  • regarding allodium freehold free of lease or solution held separate of a lord paramount in opposition to feudal as allodial lands allodial system
  • regarding allodium; freehold; free of rent or service; held independent of a lord paramount; -- against feudal; because, allodial places; allodial system.
  • Anything held allodially.

ALLODIAL meaning in Law Dictionary

Free; perhaps not holden of every lord or superior; possessed without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the alternative of feudal. Barker v. Dayton, 28 Wis. 3S4; Wallace v. Ilarmstad, 44 Pa. 499.

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ALLODIAL meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) with respect to allodium; freehold; without lease or solution; held independent of a lord paramount; -- in opposition to feudal; as, allodial places; allodial system.

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  • (a.) something held allodially.

Sentence Examples with the word ALLODIAL

Of Zahringen as an allodial possession, but afterwards came into the hands of Rudolph of Habsburg.

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