What does ALIENUS mean?

ALIENUS meaning in Law Dictionary

Lat. Another's; owned by another; the house of another. Alicnus homo, another's guy, or slave. Inst. 4, 3, pr. Alicna res, another's residential property. Bract, fol. 136.

Sentence Examples with the word ALIENUS

During the civil war he fought on the side of Otho against Vitellius, and obtained a considerable success against Aulus Caecina Alienus (one of the Vitellian generals) near Cremona, but did not follow it up. When Caecina had been joined by Fabius Valens, Paulinus advised his colleagues not to risk a decisive battle, but his advice was disregarded, and Otho (q.v.) was utterly defeated at Bedriacum.

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