What does ALIENEE mean?

ALIENEE meaning in General Dictionary

One to who the name of residential property is transferred opposed to alienor

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  • you to definitely who the subject of property is transmitted
  • One to whom the title of property is moved; -- opposed to alienor.

ALIENEE meaning in Law Dictionary

anyone to who an alienation, conveyance, or transfer of residential property is created.

ALIENEE meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One to whom the name of home is transmitted; -- against alienor.

Sentence Examples with the word ALIENEE

Accordingly in 1290 a statute was passed, Quia emptores, which allowed the tenant to alienate whenever he pleased, but the alienee or person to whom he granted was to hold the land not of the alienor but of the same immediate lord, and by the same services as the alienor held it before.

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