What does ALIEN ENEMY mean?

ALIEN ENEMY meaning in Law Dictionary

In intercontinental legislation. An alien who is the niche or resident of some dangerous state or energy. See Dyer, 2b : Co. Litt. 1296. An individual who, by explanation of owing a permanent or short-term allegiance to a hostile power, becomes, in time of war, impressed using the personality of an enemy, and. as a result, is disabled from suing within the process of law of I lie unfavorable belligerent. See 1 Kent. Comm. 74; 2 Id. 63; Bell v. Chapman, 10 Johns. (N. Y.) 183: Dorsev v. Brislmm. 177 111. 250. 52 X. E. 303. 42 L. R. A. SH9. 09 Am. St. Rep. 228.