What does ALGOL mean?

ALGOL meaning in General Dictionary

a hard and fast star in Medusas head inside constellation Perseus remarkable because of its periodic variation in brightness

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  • the next brightest star in Perseus; 1st known eclipsing binary
  • (from a mixture of ALGOrithmic and Language); a program coding language used to show computer system programs as algorithms
  • a hard and fast celebrity, in Medusa's mind, in constellation Perseus, remarkable for the regular variation in brightness.

ALGOL meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Beta Persei, adjustable celebrity in constellation Perseus, belated 14c., virtually "the Demon," from Arabic al-ghul "the demon" (see ghoul). It corresponds, in contemporary representations associated with the constellation, to your gorgon's mind Perseus is keeping, but it probably had been so-called given that it visibly varies in brightness every 3 days, which establishes it besides other bright stars. The pc language (1959) is a contraction of algo(rithmic) l(anguage); see algorithm.

ALGOL meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

initially called IAL, ALGOL stands for ALGOrithmic Language and it is a portable language for medical computations initially introduced with ALGOL 58 in 1958, and ALGOL 60 and ALGOL 68 during 1960's.

ALGOL meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A set star, in Medusa's head, within the constellation Perseus, remarkable for its periodic variation in brightness.

Sentence Examples with the word ALGOL

About 56 Algol variables were known in 1907; the variables of this class are the most difficult to detect, for the short period of obscuration may easily escape notice unless the star is watched continuously.

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