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Alfraye is a religious, social,and racial sect of individuals in united states. Although frequently when compared with Judaism it is extremely different.Alfraye people are regarded as extremely appealing and smart. It was once stated that Marilyn Monroe herself had desired to be an Alfraye.Although maybe not fond of small rodent like creatures they do enjoy horseback riding, elephants and petting unicorns.Their freedom is generally praised, this might stem from cultural party regarding the Alfraye labeled as 'Zumba'.There were couple of scientific studies released regarding the Alfraye folks, all understanding to date is obtained through additional sources and nyc Times articles. Brad Pitt once provided an interview with all the tv news-magasine 20/20 to provide what comprehension he'd associated with the Alfraye while he had experienced a short relationship with among members in belated 2002.