What does AJUTAGE mean?

AJUTAGE meaning in General Dictionary

a tube by which liquid is discharged an efflux tube while the ajutage of a water fountain

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  • A tube whereby liquid is discharged; an efflux tube; because, the ajutage of a fountain.

AJUTAGE meaning in Law Dictionary

pipe, conical in kind, designed to be used to an aperture whereby liquid passes, whereby the How for the water is considerably increased. See Schuylkill Nav. Co. v. Moore, 2 Wharf. (Pa.) 477.

AJUTAGE meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A tube through which water is released; an efflux pipe; since, the ajutage of a fountain.

Sentence Examples with the word AJUTAGE

Torricelli, observing that in a jet where the water rushed through a small ajutage it rose to nearly the same height with the reservoir from which it was supplied, imagined that it ought to move with the same velocity as if it had fallen through that height by the force of gravity, and hence he deduced the proposition that the velocities of liquids are as the square root of the head, apart from the resistance of the air and the friction of the orifice.

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