What does AJAX mean?

AJAX meaning in Names Dictionary

Eagle. Additionally a figure in ancient greek language mythology.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Male

AJAX meaning in Etymology Dictionary

title of two Greek heroes within the Trojan War (Great Ajax, boy of Telamon, and Little Ajax, son of Oileus), Latin, from Greek Aias, maybe originally the name of an earth-god, from aia "earth." The Elizabethans punned regarding the name as a jakes "a privy."

AJAX meaning in General Dictionary

a mythical Greek hero; a warrior whom conducted Troy in the Iliad

AJAX meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

brief for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, AJAX is a term coined by adaptive path which a technique of explaining internet application that take advantage of making use of a variety of XHTML, CSS, DOM, XML, and XSLT. Gmail is just one example of an internet application that makes use of AJAX.

AJAX meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Ajax is a mix of Web development technologies employed for creating dynamic web sites. Although the term "Ajax" isn't written in all caps like the majority of tech acronyms, the letters stand for "Asynchronous JavaScript And XML." Therefore, internet sites which use Ajax combine JavaScript and XML to display powerful content. The "asynchronous" part of Ajax refers to the way needs are made to the internet host. Whenever a script delivers a request towards online host, it may get information, which could after that be displayed on line page. Because these occasions take place at a little differing times, they have been regarded as being asynchronous. Most Ajax implementations utilize the XMLHttpRequest API, including a listing of host needs which can be known as within JavaScript code. The info is normally delivered back to the web browser in an XML structure, since it is simple to parse. But can be done for the host to deliver data as unformatted simple text and. The thing that makes Ajax therefore effective is programs can run on the client part, versus from the server. This implies a JavaScript purpose make a request to a server after a webpage has recently finished running. The information obtained from the server are able to be displayed on the page without reloading the other content. If a server-side scripting language like PHP or ASP was used, the entire web page will have to be reloaded for the new content to be presented. While you cannot realize it, you've got most likely seen Ajax at the office on several different web sites. Like, search-engines offering a listing of search recommendations while you kind are usually using Ajax to show the suggestions. Image lookups that create even more thumbnails while you scroll through the results typically use Ajax to recover the frequent a number of pictures. When you click "Older blogs" at the bottom of a Facebook web page, Ajax can be used to show extra postings. Ajax features helped result in the internet more powerful by allowing webpages to recover and weight new content without the need to reload the rest of the web page. Through the use of Ajax, web-developers can cause interactive web sites that use sources efficiently and offer visitors with a responsive program.

Sentence Examples with the word AJAX

In one, a large circular tomb, were found three sepulchral couches in stone, carved in imitation of wood, and a fine statuette in bronze of Ajax committing suicide.

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