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attempting to finger a woman within the vagina. But missing and having the lady within the bum hole. AJ is a nickname for a male. Often brief for very first and center brands. AJ's are women males and get countless women. These are typically really flirty men, but once they get into relationships they become devoted and will allow their particular companion control all of them or whip them around. VERY good during intercourse, and also an excellent friend. Aj is a guy every girl desires. He is caring, lovable, entertaining, and Musically talented. He's got breathtaking eyes and a lovely smile. He's a gentleman and interacts with people quickly. He could be a loyal buddy. You'll visited him with any such thing; he wont judge you. He could be well worth waiting for. Don't drop him. A man who is a total badass. Almost certainly a marine or other bad butt occupation, such as for instance porn celebrity, elected authoritative, super-athlete and sometimes even C.E.O. of mother. Disclaimer: Will fornicate with any friends hot mother without having regret. An Aj is a cold blooded females man with all the future in his eyes and fire spewing from their mouth.An Aj often makes good money, truly more than you, yet your not quite yes how. An enigma will spontaneously combust if ever to come into contact with an Aj.An Aj are available in public venues eg cities, towns, or United states territories. An Aj could be found in the separation of the deep wild in which he may be thinking ponderous thoughts of the very existence of time and room which may cause reduced men's minds to implode in the way of a fairly annoying sucking noise. I digress outlining an Aj further would take from the just satisfaction you should understand for the following 20 mins. The basking in of the very thought of the very essence which an Aj. n. commonly used to spell it out an italian who shows "best-boyfriend-ever" behavior in addition see nice, irresistible, and sexy-beast 1. excellence personified. Exemplary in most method. Perfect.2. Ladies want him, men need to be like him.3. Heroic.4. Brilliant. A slang term for a male sofa dweller. AJ's prefer to have their ego stroked for performing nothing at all and will be awesome buddies, despite their particular regular swift changes in moods. AJ's are specialists at making girls feel good about on their own and so are not afraid getting upon all fours and become bad kittehs.