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Abbreviation1. 'since it does occur if you ask me' is an internet comedy design and stand-up program written and carried out by Richard Herring. The tv show had been carried out live on Monday evenings in the Leicester Square Theatre from 12 October to 14 December 2009 and released as a free of charge podcast. A second series started on 17 might 2010 which Richard Herring also contains around half an hour to 40 minutes of stand-up which can ben't on the podcast. {Wikipedia}2. As It Occurs To Me is a revolutionary stand-up and sketch show written and performed by Richard Herring at the Leicester Square Theatre. All the material for each show is brand new and written on the week of broadcast, based on things that have occurred to Richard, either events from his life or things he's been thinking about. Richard is joined on stage by Dan Tetsell, Emma Kennedy and Christian Reilly; and the show is produced by Ben Walker. {British Comedy Guide}