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The Macintosh Version of the Lossless WAV structure. Good file format to do business with for editing audio on Macintosh based computers and it is much better than shit quality mp3 data.

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audio interchange file format

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represents "Audio Interchange extendable." AIFF is a file structure made to keep audio information. It absolutely was produced by Apple Computer, it is centered on Electronic Arts' IFF (Interchange extendable), a container format initially used on Amiga methods. A regular AIFF file includes 2 networks of uncompressed stereo sound with a sample measurements of 16 bits, recorded at a sampling price of 44.1 kilohertz. This is certainly also referred to as "CD-quality sound," since CDs make use of the same audio specifications. AIFF sound takes up just over 10MB each minute of audio, this means a 4 moment song conserved as an AIFF will require just over 40MB of disk space. This is almost just like a .WAV file (which makes use of the exact same sample dimensions and sampling rate as an AIFF file. However, it is approximately ten times how big is an identical MP3 file recorded at 128 kbps, or five times how big is an MP3 file taped at 256 kbps. Since compressed and uncompressed audio files sound almost similar, many electronic sound distributed on the internet is saved in a compressed structure, like an .MP3 or .M4A file. This will make downloading sound from websites or even the iTunes Store even more quickly and more efficient. But AIFF files continue to be commonly used for audio recording, since it is vital that you save your self the initial audio information in an uncompressed format. By working AIFF files, audio engineers can make sure the sound quality is preserved through the mixing and mastering process. Once the last form of a song or any other audio project is conserved, it could then be exported in a compressed format. NOTE: whilst the standard AIFF format cannot help squeezed audio information, Apple developed a difference regarding the AIFF structure, called AIFF-C, which supports audio compression. This structure normally in line with the original IFF structure, but includes additional room within the file framework to establish the type of the compression. Consequently, the AIFF-C format can keep audio generated from several compression formulas. File extensions: .AIF, .AIFF, .AIFC