What does AIDS mean?

AIDS meaning in Medical Dictionary

Acquired immunodeficiency problem, a problem brought on by illness using the peoples immunodeficiency virus (HIV), with ensuing compromise for the system's disease fighting capability. Functions feature deficiency of certain kinds of leukocytes, especially T cells; disease with opportunistic attacks that make use of the impaired immune reaction, such tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia, person herpes virus, or toxoplasmosis; certain types of cancer, especially Kaposi sarcoma; incapacity to steadfastly keep up body weight (wasting); plus in advanced situations, HELPS alzhiemer's disease complex. Treatment plan for HELPS has advanced rapidly. Antiviral, antibacterial, and immune-boosting medications, among various other treatments, are included in existing therapy protocols.

AIDS meaning in Law Dictionary

In feudal law, initially simple benevolences provided by a tenant to his lord, in times during the stress; but at length the lords reported all of them since correct They were principally three: (1) To ransom the father's individual, if taken prisoner; (2) to create tiie lord's oldest boy and heir obvious a knight; (3) to provide an appropriate section towards the lord's oldest girl on the relationship. Abolished by 12 Car. II. c. 24. Additionally, extraordinary grants into top because of the residence of commons, and which were the origin of the contemporary system of taxation. 2 Bl. Comm. 03, 64.

AIDS meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1982, acronym created from acquired protected deficiency syndrome. HELPS beverage attested by 1997, finished . itself said to will be in use from 1995.

AIDS meaning in Sports Dictionary

how the rider communicates together with horse by using the arms, feet, body and sound. Artificial aids feature a whip, spurs and martingales. (sport: Horse Racing)

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  • Any object, usually buoyant, that helps swimmers to have used to moving around inside water or even to assist practice supply or knee movements. (sport: Swimming)
  • The signals employed by the driver to give instructions to your horse. (recreation: Dressage)
  • various other three fingers familiar with get a handle on the sword. (sport: Fencing)

AIDS meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Used in the equine business; suggests the strategy by with a rider communicates with his horse.

AIDS meaning in General Dictionary

a critical (usually deadly) condition of defense mechanisms transmitted through blood products particularly by sexual contact or contaminated needles

AIDS - German to English

AIDS associated with sea [coll.] [Caulerpa taxifolia] [killer algae]

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  • AIDS [also: Aids]
  • thin disease [S.Afr.] [AIDS]

AIDS meaning in Sexual Dictionary

acronym from obtained immunodeficiency syndrome. a severe (frequently deadly) immunological condition caused by HIV virus.

Sentence Examples with the word AIDS

The diet, indeed, voted him aids and subsidies, but the great nobles either forbade their collection within their estates, or confiscated the amount collected.

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