What does AICM mean?

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Chat area abbreviation of "And I Claim My place repayment" used once the responder gives a definitive response in a thread.Ordinarily by means of "UR .... AICM £5" which will be an acronym of "you are ..... and I claim my £5" when speculating on the identity of a poster.This began through the press blood flow wars of this 20s and 30s with summer publicity promotions by the Westminster Gazette (from 1927) and News Chronicle (mid-30s). A fuzzy picture of "Lobby Lud" (truly a lowly newspaper employee) ended up being imprinted into the report together with the seaside resort where he would be that time. In the event that you recognized him you might win ten weight by producing a duplicate associated with newsprint and saying, "you might be Mr. Lobby Lud, We claim the Gazette reward." Following the war the frequent Mirror copied the campaign, but changed the phrase to "... and I also claim my five weight". A jokey/sarcastic/downright nasty assessment of a fellow frumite's "real identification" on the basis of the opinions indicated in their preceding post.