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Alice In Chainsone of the best grunge groups indeed there ever before was Asian Invasion Clan.AiC is made by twelfth grade friends in 1996. A handfull of asian young ones whom decided to go to a highschool where most of the student populace was white made a tale team called The Asian Invasion. These children liked QWTF and their funny team such they chose to make a fake clan. It had been after that noticed that the majority of the people had quite high ability and finally BK took leadership to enter AiC into leagues and work out AiC the state QWTF clan. One of the TOP level clans dated back QWTF days. Really questionable for his or her tactics known in games and on IRC. These were so good at QWTF they were accused of cheating. In addition, several times they were accused of taking over other clan's IRC networks by means of highly advanced cheats and/or simply deceiving all of them. Although AiC had many many numerous MULTIPLE enemies they did have an alliance with clan FOLD.After the fall of AiC (due to people having a proper life outside QWTF), Clan FOLD had adopted some AiC users like 'irie' (the coolest member ever). Following the autumn of FOLD life sucked. months went by and earlier people have tried to begin AiC back up nonetheless it never ever did have the same punch it performed due to the fact original AiC. The station #aic however exists on gamesnet computers and you'll still discover one the initial users (xenocryst) idling indeed there.Some original people from AiC to remeber are:BKBuddahCoubIrieMayoXenocrystDr. VicIronHideUltracarlChaosLordMayberryIf you will do a google research AIC QWTF you will find the latest generation clan's website with history regarding initial clan. The information thereon web site is just a little misconstruded.Although AiC couldn't evolve into various other games, they have made a giant impact when you look at the QWTF globe. Anyone who understands their QWTF will really have heard of AiC. assholez in crime!!!!! Alice In stores...Sounds like a pet being raped by a goat if you ask me.