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AIA is an acronym for Alcohol Induced Amnesia Andrew, the latest child in the college. the kid every guy desires. The AIA is a voluntary organization of public and personal large schools which was founded by and is responsible to its members. The democratic governance of AIA provides representation and feedback opportunities to all its user schools through their regulating board members, administrators and teachers which provide in the Legislative Council, Executive Board and ad hoc committees.The reputation for the AIA, since its beginning in 1925, has been marked by fast growth, continual improvement, and successful accomplishment of its significant targets. These accomplishments have actually occurred mostly through good and cooperative efforts of those individuals who have already been chosen by the membership to portray their interest. Encourage optimum pupil involvement by giving AIA member schools with an even playing area to make certain fair and fair competition in interscholastic activities.Interscholastic tasks are beneficial towards the total education program.Committed towards inclusion of fair interscholastic options both for boys and girls in every Arizona high schools.There is a necessity to keep a proper stability between your educational programs and extracurricular tasks for the member schools. Legislative expert in every issues related to interscholastic activities of user schools is vested into the Legislative Council, which will be composed of 44 representatives from the five conferences and Arizona class Boards Association.The Legislative Council meets once yearly, unless conditions necessitate that a special conference be held. An unique meeting may be known as during the discernment of President of the AIA Executive Board or upon written demand to the President by five or higher people in the Legislative Council.The Executive Board applies, interprets and impartially enforces the rules and regulations within the AIA Constitution and Bylaws. The nine member Executive Board is composed of one administrator from each of the five Conferences and associates from Arizona Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, Arizona School directors, Arizona class Boards Association additionally the Arizona North Central Association. The Executive Director, who oversees the day-to-day operation associated with AIA, is a nonvoting person in the Executive Board.The AIA functional spending plan is funded by membership dues, varsity sport participation charges, officials' subscription fees and product sales of such things as guideline books. Net play-off gate receipts are paid annually to AIA member schools to counterbalance account dues and participation costs. As a site to its user schools, the AIA dilemmas repayments for pupil excess accident (catastrophic) insurance and officials' mileage. All financial records are audited annually by a completely independent bookkeeping firm.The AIA's comprehensive dues framework has actually facilitated fiscally sound decision-making imperative to ideal usage of its funds and has resulted in an accountable, fiducially responsible organization.Any Arizona senior high school which satisfies these requirements is eligible for full account into the AIA.The principal must publish a written application for account by November one of the college 12 months preceding that for which account will be sought.Must be suggested because of the appropriate accrediting agency for appropriate criteria for additional schools.Must certify that all principals, sports directors, teachers, supervisors and regularly licensed teachers under agreement utilizing the neighborhood school board hence nothing regarding the above is receiving any wage or remuneration for his/her school job from any external supply. (Exceptions are established for private, parochial, BIA, college-preparatory and unique function schools.)Must consent to an on-site evaluation and bear the costs incurred for exact same.Must receive a straightforward vast majority vote of acceptance through the present users.Must adhere to all rules and regulations founded by the member schools for interscholastic activities.Pay annual account, involvement fees and tests for sports officials' mileage and pupil access accident insurance.The school key must assume responsibility for verification of all of the student eligibility principles. Last authority and ultimate obligation in every things related to interscholastic activities is vested inside college key. Many schools in Arizona have actually outstanding activity programs and, for more than three decades, the AIA has actually recognized such schools with total quality Awards, which bear the names of former Executive Directors to commemorate their outstanding solution. The E.A. Row (1A meeting), Don F. rock (2A Conference and 3A seminar) and H.A. Hendrickson (4A Conference and 5A summit) annual rotation trophies, plaques and permanent ads tend to be granted to schools with total superiority in interscholastic tasks. The schools are selected for these prizes through total points they usually have accumulated by their activity and quality in songs, address, athletics, contest management and sportsmanship.In 1987, the AIA started an application to honor outstanding girls' sports programs. The Tony Komadina Award For Outstanding women' Athletic plan is provided annually to two schools (a 1A-3A meeting college and a 4A-5A summit college) which have shown the maximum advocacy of, and progress in, girls' athletics. Institutes initiate the process by publishing a self-nominating application. An ad hoc choice committee reviews the applications, performs on-site evaluations of the finalists, then submits a recommendation into the Executive Board.