What does AGRARIAN mean?

AGRARIAN meaning in General Dictionary

One in benefit of the same division of landed residential property

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  • with respect to industries or lands or their tenure esp regarding an equal or fair division of places due to the fact agrarian legislation of Rome which distributed the conquered also public lands among citizens
  • concerning farming or agriculture
  • Pertaining to industries, or lands, or their particular tenure; esp., concerning an equal or fair division of lands; as, the agrarian laws and regulations of Rome, which distributed the conquered as well as other general public lands among residents.
  • Wild; -- said of flowers developing into the areas.
  • one out of favor of the same unit of secured home.
  • An agrarian legislation.

AGRARIAN meaning in Law Dictionary

associated with secure, or even to a division or distribution of land; as an agrarian law.

AGRARIAN meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "relating into the land," from Middle French loy agrarienne "agrarian legislation," corresponding to Latin Lex agraria, the Roman legislation when it comes to division of conquered places, from agrarius "associated with land," from ager (genitive agri) "a field," from PIE *agro- (cognates: Greek agros "field," Gothic akrs, Old English

AGRARIAN meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Anything pertaining to or relating to the agriculture business.

AGRARIAN meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding industries, or places, or their tenure; esp., relating to the same or equitable unit of lands; as, the agrarian rules of Rome, which delivered the conquered also community lands among residents.

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  • (a.) Wild; -- said of flowers growing in industries.
  • (n.) One out of benefit of the same unit of landed residential property.
  • (letter.) An agrarian law.

Sentence Examples with the word AGRARIAN

In 1881, 4439 agrarian outrages were reported; nothing attracted more attention in England than the cruel mutilations of cattle, which became very frequent.

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