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Accelerated Graphics Port<hardware> (AGP) A bus specification by Intel gives inexpensive 3D images cards quicker accessibility primary memory on computer systems than the normal PCI bus. AGP dynamically allocates the PC's regular RAM to keep the screen picture and help surface mapping, z-buffering and alpha mixing. Intel has built AGP into a chipset for the Pentium II microprocessor. AGP cards are somewhat more than a PCI card. AGP works at 66 MHz, doubled to 133 MHz, compared to ComputerI's 33 Mhz. AGP enables efficient utilization of frame buffer memory, thereby assisting 2D photos overall performance as well. AGP provides a coherent memory administration design allowing spread information in system memory becoming read in rapid blasts. AGP lowers the entire price of producing high-end photos subsystems making use of existing system memory. AGP - above ground pool. regularly describe one thing or somebody who is white trash or aspirationally wealthy. AGPThe problem of getting jeans that apparently defy gravty to visit further up the waistline until reaching what's referred to as "harry highpants" stage. In severe instances jeans could cause victims to hover a few ins above the ground.Early warning signs include raising associated with the sound several shades, at later on phases, octaves. A tendancy to inform guys to 'settle straight down' and beltline being nearer to your head than feet.Also the 296th element regarding the regular dining table. a term to explain someone to be, blatantly retarded, and/or technologically illiterate.Originates from the statement "Nathan: This computer system has actually 4 AGP slot machines!" (impossible) anti gravity pantsThe problem of experiencing jeans that apparently defy gravty traveling further within the waistline until reaching what is known as the "harry highpants" stage. In severe cases jeans may cause sufferers to hover a number of ins over the ground.Early warning signs feature increasing of the voice a few shades, at later on stages, octaves. A tendancy to inform men to 'settle down' and beltline being closer to the head than feet.Also the 296th element from the periodic dining table. (n) A general acronym for Almer's Goopy Pork, a food found generally speaking up an individual's butt and somewhat to the right.