What does AGP mean?

AGP meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Short for Accelerated Graphics Port, AGP is an advanced interface created for Video cards and 3D accelerators. Designed by Intel and introduced in August of 1997, AGP introduces a separate point-to-point channel enabling the illustrations controller immediate access the machine memory. The following is an illustration of what the AGP slot may look like in your motherboard.

AGP meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

represents "Accelerated Graphics Port." AGP is a type of expansion slot designed specifically for photos cards. It was developed in 1996 as an option to the PCI standard. Since the AGP program provides a separate bus for visuals information, AGP cards are able to make photos quicker than comparable PCI photos cards. Like PCI slots, AGP slots are designed into a pc's motherboard. Obtained the same type aspect to PCI slots, but could simply be used for pictures cards. Also, several AGP requirements occur, including AGP 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, which each utilize yet another current. Consequently, AGP cards must certanly be compatible with the requirements of this AGP slot they're put in in. Since AGP cards need a growth slot, they may be able only be found in desktop computer systems. While AGP ended up being popular for about 10 years, the technology has been superseded by PCI Express, that was introduced in 2004. For some many years, many desktop computers included both AGP and PCI Express slots, but fundamentally AGP slots had been eliminated completely. For that reason, most desktop computers manufactured after 2006 don't add an AGP slot.