What does AGGREGATE AND SOLE mean?

AGGREGATE AND SOLE meaning in Law Dictionary

business sole is just one comprising one individual only, along with his successors in some .particular section, who will be included for legal reasons to be able to let them have some legal capabilities and advantages, especially that perpetuity, that their particular natural people they are able to not have had. Inside feeling, the sovereign in The united kingdomt is a single firm, therefore is a bishop, so might be some deans distinct from their a few chapters, and thus is every parson and vicar. 3 Steph. Comm. 168. 169; 2 Kent, Comm. 273. Warner v. Beers, 23 Wend. (N. Y.) 172; Codd v. Itathbone. 19 N. Y. 39; very first Parish v. Dunning, 7 Mass. 447. A corporation aggregate is the one composed of many people vested with corporate capabilities; and a “corporation,” as term is used as a whole well-known and legal speech, so that as defined during the head of this name, suggests a “corporation aggregate.”