What does AFTERNOON mean?

AFTERNOON meaning in General Dictionary

The part of the day which uses noon between noon and evening

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  • the an element of the time between noon and evening
  • a conventional phrase of greeting or farewell
  • The an element of the time which employs noon, between noon and evening.

AFTERNOON meaning in Law Dictionary

This term features two senses. It could imply the whole time from noon to midnight; or it would likely mean the earlier element of the period, as distinguished through the evening. When used in a statute its definition should be determined by the framework and also the situations regarding the topic- matter. Reg. v. Knapp, 2 EL. & Bl. 451.

AFTERNOON meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from after + noon. In 15c.-16c., the shape was at mid-day; from c.1600 it is often into the afternoon. Middle English also had aftermete "afternoon, an element of the day following the noon dinner," mid-14c.

AFTERNOON meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The the main day which uses noon, between noon and night.

Sentence Examples with the word AFTERNOON

They usually spent the morning hours in the garden and the afternoon at the pool.

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