What does AFORESAID mean?

AFORESAID meaning in General Dictionary

Said before or perhaps in a preceding component already described or identified

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  • being the main one previously mentioned or spoken of
  • stated before, or perhaps in a preceding component; already described or identified.

AFORESAID meaning in Law Dictionary

Before, or currently stated, pointed out, or recited; premised. Plowd. 67. Foresaid is used in Scotch law. Even though the words "preceding" and "aforesaid" generally mean after that before, and "following" implies after that after, however a unique signification is going to be given to them if required because of the context and the realities of case. Simpson v. Robert, 35 Ga. 180.

AFORESAID meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from afore + stated.

AFORESAID meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) stated before, or perhaps in a preceding part; already described or identified.

Sentence Examples with the word AFORESAID

Oscil., a copy being presented to me, in my letter of thanks to him I gave those rules in the end thereof a particular commendation for their usefulness in Philosophy, and added out of my aforesaid paper an instance of their usefulness, in comparing the forces of the moon from the earth, and earth from the sun; in determining a problem about the moon's phase, and putting a limit to the sun's parallax, which shews that I had then my eye upon comparing the forces of the planets arising from their circular motion, and understood it; so that a while after, when Mr Hooke propounded the problem solemnly, in the end of his attempt to prove the motion of the earth, if I had not known the duplicate proportion before, I could not but have found it now.

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