What does AFFRAY mean?

AFFRAY meaning in General Dictionary

To startle from peaceful to alarm

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  • The act of instantly disturbing any one an assault or attack
  • a noisy fight
  • noisy quarrel
  • To startle from peaceful; to alarm.
  • To frighten; to scare; to frighten away.
  • The work of abruptly disturbing anybody; an assault or assault.
  • Alarm; terror; fright.
  • A tumultuous attack or quarrel; a brawl; a fray.
  • The combat of several people, in a public location, to your horror of other people.

AFFRAY meaning in Law Dictionary

In unlawful law. The combat of a couple of people in certain public place to the terror of the people. Burton v. Com.. 60 S. W. 526, 22 Ky. Legislation Rep. 1315: Thompson v. State, 70 Ala. 26; State v. Allen. 11 N. C. 356. It varies from a-riot in not-being premeditated ; for if any persons meet collectively upon any lawful or innocent event, and happen on a-sudden to engage in battling, they may not be responsible of a riot, but an affray only; plus in that instance nothing are accountable except those actually engaged in it. Ilawk. I'. C. bk. 1, c. 05.

AFFRAY meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "state of alarm produced by an abrupt disruption," from Old French effrei, esfrei "disturbance, fright," from esfreer (v.) "to worry, concern, difficulty, disturb," from Vulgar Latin *exfridare, a hybrid term meaning actually "to get of peace," from Latin ex- "out of" (see ex-) + Frankish *frithu "peace," from Proto-Germanic *frithuz "peace, consideration, forbearance" (cognates: Old Saxon frithu, Old English fri

AFFRAY meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To startle from quiet; to alarm.

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  • (v. t.) To frighten; to scare; to frighten away.
  • (v. t.) The act of suddenly disturbing anybody; an assault or assault.
  • (v. t.) Alarm; terror; fright.
  • (v. t.) A tumultuous assault or quarrel; a brawl; a fray.
  • (v. t.) The fighting of two or more people, in a public spot, into the terror of others.

Sentence Examples with the word AFFRAY

An onset was made upon some of the Turkish trenches in the Helles area, which led to sharp fighting; the object was to prevent the Turks transferring troops northwards, and it probably served its purpose; apart from that, little was accomplished although the affray went on intermittently for a week.

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