What does AFFIANCE mean?

AFFIANCE meaning in General Dictionary

To betroth to pledge people trust to for marriage or solemnly promise people self or any other in-marriage

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  • Plighted faith relationship contract or promise
  • give to in marriage
  • Plighted faith; relationship agreement or guarantee.
  • Trust; dependence; faith; self-confidence.
  • To betroth; to pledge your faith to for relationship, or solemnly guarantee (one's self or another) in-marriage.
  • in order to guarantee by guarantee.

AFFIANCE meaning in Law Dictionary

plighting of troth between man and lady. Litt.

AFFIANCE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, "to guarantee," from Old French afiancier "to pledge, guarantee, provide a person's term," from afiance (n.) "confidence, trust," from afier "to trust," from Late Latin affidare, from ad- "to" (see ad-) + fidare "to trust," from fidus "faithful" from same root as fides "faith" (identify trust). From mid-16c. particularly "to guarantee in-marriage." Associated: Affianced; affiancing.

AFFIANCE meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Plighted belief; relationship contract or guarantee.

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  • (n.) Trust; reliance; belief; confidence.
  • (v. t.) To betroth; to pledge one's trust to for relationship, or solemnly vow (one's self or any other) in-marriage.
  • (v. t.) To assure by guarantee.

Sentence Examples with the word AFFIANCE

Dean crossed his fingers and hoped this affiance would spawn fewer complications than the last.

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