What does AFC mentality mean?

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from a big part of the male populace (see AFC) who've slowly brought down their particular bar for ladies they'd screw so drasticaly reduced that even ugly girls get much attention from men. This option figure that listed here is a pussy that is underneath the demand of their supieror appears, consequently she is fortunate to have him which she should consider herself really fortunate... however, exactly what this AFC does not understand is the fact that you can find hundreds of thousands out there like him, a number of whom have previously given this ugly chick much attention and pride, so she isn't after all hopeless (unlike him).These fatties and uglies fully grasp this so frequently. So, ironically many males have undone the very thing they attempt to do: simply take easy, "unsought" after pussy they thought that believed they are able to obtain. And from now on are making these girls even more hard for all fellow AFC's! Additionally, these women now figure that they can let themselves get. All this stems from a few things: all girls require men ahead to them (for pride at the least), dudes need anything to place their particular cocks in. They figure rather than masturbation, also an ugly woman would be 10x better + so freagin easy (percieved easyness is huge appeal to an AFC).AFC mindset is always associated with a total not enough grab skills.