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A great football team based in Athens Greece. It's a good following therefore the most useful followers who produce a distinctive environment wherever AEK is playing.AEK signifies Athlitiki Enosi Konstantinoupoleos soccer team based in athens. AEK are initials for "athlitiki enosi konstantinoupolis", or constantinople recreations club, because it had been started by refugees that got chased out of it afer a populace exchange agreement which followed the war involving the turks anf the greeks from 1920 to 1922.its eternal fate has been the third staff in a two-team rivalry. aek has nonetheless occasionnaly won titles. A-E-K, that will be an acronym for Anti Emo Klan, is a small grouping of straight cool dudes just who laugh and make enjoyable of emo kids that hate life. We make an effort to assist them to away, however if they've been on point of no return, then we need to take action. An asian member of the ss++. 2nd group in Athens, method after Panathinaikos