What does ADVERTISEMENT mean?

ADVERTISEMENT meaning in General Dictionary

The work of informing or notifying notice

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  • a public promotion of some service or product
  • The act of informing or notifying; notice.
  • Admonition; advice; warning.
  • A public notice, especially a paid notice in a few public printing; something that advertises; because, a paper containing numerous ads.

ADVERTISEMENT meaning in Law Dictionary

Notice provided in a fashion made to attract community attention; information communicated to your general public, or even to someone worried, by way of handbills or the newspaper. Montford v. Allen, 111 Ga. 18. 30 S. E. 305; Haffner v. Barnard, 123 Ind. 429. 24 N. E. 152; Com. v. Johnson, 3 Pa. Dist. R. 222. A sign-board, erected at a person’s office, providing realize that lottery tickets tend to be available truth be told there, is an “advertisement,” inside the meaning of a statute prohibiting the marketing of lotteries. Such link this is regarding the word isn't confined to notices printed in papers. Com. v. Hooper, 5 Choose. (Mass.) 42.

ADVERTISEMENT meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "written statement calling focus on" one thing, "public notice" (of something, but often of a-sale); from Middle French avertissement, from stem of avertir (see advertise). Meaning "public notice" (usually paid), the main modern feeling, appeared 1580s and had been totally developed by 18c.

ADVERTISEMENT meaning in Sports Dictionary

A warning. (sport: contemporary Pentathlon - Fencing)

ADVERTISEMENT meaning in Insurance Dictionary

Under general liability insurance coverage, information disseminated on public most importantly or to targeted segments associated with public for the intended purpose of attracting clients or followers. The definition of had been introduced into standard general responsibility guidelines in 1998 as a substitute for "activities for the duration of marketing." Courts have actually interpreted the latter phrase extremely broadly to include even advertising and marketing attempts (eg sales telephone calls) directed at a single individual.

ADVERTISEMENT meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of informing or notifying; notification.

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  • (n.) Admonition; guidance; warning.
  • (n.) A public notice, specifically a paid notice in some public print; whatever advertises; as, a newspaper containing many advertisements.

Sentence Examples with the word ADVERTISEMENT

In 1909 the advertisement of liquors, solicitation of orders for liquors, and the sale of cigarettes to minors were prohibited.

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