What does ADULTERINE mean?

ADULTERINE meaning in General Dictionary

An illegitimate kid

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  • Proceeding from adulterous sex therefore Spurious without the help of law illegal
  • conceived in adultery
  • Proceeding from adulterous sex. Ergo: Spurious; without the support of legislation; illegal.
  • An illegitimate youngster.

ADULTERINE meaning in Law Dictionary

Begotten in an adulterous sex. Within the Roman and canon law, adulterine bastards had been distinguished from including were the issue of two unmarried persons, and former had been treated with an increase of severity, not permitted the standing of all-natural young ones, and being ineligible to holy instructions.

ADULTERINE meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Proceeding from adulterous sexual intercourse. Thus: Spurious; without the support of law; unlawful.

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  • (n.) An illegitimate kid.

Sentence Examples with the word ADULTERINE

He expelled all Stephens mercenaries, took back into his hands the royal lands and castles which his predecessor had granted away, and destroyed hundreds of the adulterine castles which the barons and knights had built without leave during the years of the anarchy.

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