What does ADSL mean?

ADSL meaning in Law Dictionary

relate to asymmetrical digital subscriber range.

ADSL meaning in Business Dictionary

identify asymmetrical electronic subscriber range.

ADSL meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Short for asymmetric electronic subscriber range, ADSL is a kind of DSL Broadband. It really is asymmetric because of its two-way bandwidth specialized in the downstream and a small part devoted to upstream transfer. This permits for a much greater down load transfer rate, usually to 6.1 megabits per second.

ADSL meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

is short for "Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line." ADSL is a type of DSL, which will be a technique of moving data over copper telephone lines. While symmetrical DSL (SDSL) uploads and downloads data in the exact same speed, ADSL features different optimum data transfer prices for uploading and downloading data. Like, an ADSL link may enable install prices of 1.5Mbps, while upload rates may only achieve 256Kbps. Since many people download a lot more information than they upload, this difference generally doesn't make a noticeable effect on Internet accessibility speeds. But for online servers or any other computers that send most information upstream, ADSL is an inefficient option.