What does ADROGATION mean?

ADROGATION meaning in General Dictionary

A kind of adoption in old Rome See Arrogation

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  • A kind of adoption in old Rome. See Arrogation.

ADROGATION meaning in Law Dictionary

when you look at the civil-law. The use of just one who was impubes; which, if a male, under fourteen years of age; if a female, under twelve. Dig. 1, 7, 17, 1.

Sentence Examples with the word ADROGATION

These were the inauguration of the rex sacrorum and the flamens, and that abjuration of hereditary worship (detestatio sacrorum) which was made by a man who passed from his clan (gens) either by an act of adrogation (see Roman Law and Adoption) or by transition from the patrician to the plebeian order.

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