What does ADRD mean?

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a type of Attention Deficit by which suffers area out while hearing the radio, and then be jolted to awareness whenever a really awful song has actually strike the radio or their particular playlist. Although this usually happens in a public sound discussion board of some kind – in an office cubicle, at party they're hosting, or in the vehicle on a romantic date; severe embarrassment normally experienced by those enjoying your own unit through headsets, or playing music while alone. Much more typical however, is the fact that the song is much more than halfway through ahead of the ADRD victim realizes – heightening the sensation of embarrassment or confusion at having been caught playing Richard Marx/Vanilla Ice/Journey/Ricky Martin/The Baha guys, the Electric Slide, or country-and-western songs for several moments. It ought to be pointed out that triggers for ADRD differ commonly person to person, and clique to clique.