What does ADMISSIBLE mean?

ADMISSIBLE meaning in General Dictionary

eligible to be accepted or worthy of becoming accepted that may be permitted or conceded permitted once the supposition is barely admissible

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  • deserving become accepted
  • eligible for be accepted, or worthy of being accepted; which may be allowed or conceded; allowable; because, the supposition is barely admissible.

ADMISSIBLE meaning in Law Dictionary

Proper is received. As applied to research, the definition of implies that it really is of these a character that courtroom or judge will receive it; this is certainly, help it become introduced.

ADMISSIBLE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, from center French admissible, from past participle stem of Latin admittere (see admit). Legal feeling is taped from 1849.

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ADMISSIBLE meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) eligible for be accepted, or worth becoming accepted; that could be permitted or conceded; allowable; since, the supposition is scarcely admissible.

Sentence Examples with the word ADMISSIBLE

The definition of temperature given above, though difficult in the case of a flame and perhaps still admissible in the case of an electric arc, becomes precarious when applied to the disruptive phenomena of a spark discharge.

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