What does ADJOINING mean?

ADJOINING meaning in General Dictionary

Joining to contiguous adjacent as an adjoining area

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  • of Adjoin
  • Joining to; contiguous; adjacent; since, an adjoining area.

ADJOINING meaning in Law Dictionary

The word "adjoining," with its etymological good sense, suggests coming in contact with or contiguous, as distinguished from lying close to or adjacent while the exact same definition has-been directed at it whenever found in statutes. See ADJACENT.

ADJOINING meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Adjoin

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  • (a.) Joining to; contiguous; adjacent; because, an adjoining room.

Sentence Examples with the word ADJOINING

A beautiful little bird almost peculiar to the south of Tunisia and the adjoining regions of Algeria, is a species of bunting (Fringilla), called by the Arabs bu-habibi.

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