What does ADHERENCE mean?

ADHERENCE meaning in General Dictionary

the standard or condition of adhering

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  • the property of sticking collectively (as of glue and lumber) or the joining of areas of different composition
  • devoted support for a cause or governmental celebration or religion
  • the standard or state of adhering.
  • hawaii to be fixed in accessory; fidelity; steady attachment; adhesion; as, adherence to a celebration or to viewpoints.

ADHERENCE meaning in Law Dictionary

In Scotch legislation. The name of a form of action by which the mutual responsibility of wedding might implemented by either celebration. Bell. It corresponds to your English action for restitution of conjugal legal rights.

ADHERENCE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "attachment to one, support," from Middle French adh

ADHERENCE meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a residential property which one item has the capacity to stick or abide by another.

ADHERENCE - French to English


ADHERENCE meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The high quality or state of adhering.

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  • (n.) The state to be fixed in accessory; fidelity; regular accessory; adhesion; since, adherence to a party or even to views.

Sentence Examples with the word ADHERENCE

Organic Chemistry While inorganic chemistry was primarily developed through the study of minerals - a connexion still shown by the French appellation chimie minerale - organic chemistry owes its origin to the investigation of substances occurring in the vegetable and animal organisms. The quest of the alchemists for the philosopher's stone, and the almost general adherence of the iatrochemists to the study of the medicinal characters and preparation of metallic compounds, stultified in some measure the investigation of vegetable and animal products.

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