What does ADEQUATE CAUSE mean?

ADEQUATE CAUSE meaning in Law Dictionary

In criminal legislation. Adequate cause for the passion which reduces a homicide committed under its influence through the quality of murder to manslaughter, indicates these types of cause as would generally create a diploma of fury, rage, resentment, or horror, in people of ordinary mood, adequate to render your head incompetent at cool representation. Insulting words or gestures, or an assault and battery therefore slight concerning show no objective to cause pain or injury, or an injury to property unaccompanied by assault aren't adequate factors. Gardner v. State, 40 Tex. Cr. R. 19, 48 S. W. 170; Williams v. State. 7 Tex. App. 396; Boyett v. State, 2 Tex. App. 100.

Sentence Examples with the word ADEQUATE CAUSE

And that this is the intire and adequate cause of their colours, is manifest, because they have no power to change or alter the colours of any sort of Rays incident apart, but put on all colours indifferently, with which they are inlightened.

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