ADDITIO PROBAT MINORITATEM meaning in Law Dictionary

n inclusion [to a name] proves or shows minority or inferiority. 4 Inst. 80; Wing. Maximum. 211, max. 60. This maxim is used by Lord Coke to process of law, and terms of law; minoritas becoming understood in the feeling of difference, inferiority, or qualification. Hence, the design of the king's bench is coram rege, together with form of the court of chancery is coram domino rege in cancel- Iwria; the inclusion showing the real difference. 4 Inst. 80. By the term "fee" is supposed fee- timple, fee-tail not meant because of it, unless there be included with it the addition associated with the word "tail." 2 Bl. Comm. 106; Litt. S 1.