What does ADD-ON mean?

ADD-ON meaning in Law Dictionary

NEW ISSUE of TYPICAL STOCK for a company which have currently completed a preliminary PUBLIC PROVIDING. The addon advances the issuer

ADD-ON meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"additional component," 1941, from add (v.) + on.

ADD-ON meaning in General Dictionary

a software module that runs or enhances the abilities of a current application

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  • a factor that's included with something to enhance it
  • a supplementary component that gets better capability

ADD-ON - German to English


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  • expansion pack

ADD-ON meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

An add-on is a software extension that adds additional features to a course. It may increase specific features inside the system, add brand new what to this program's program, or provide the system extra capabilities. For example, Mozilla Firefox, a well known browser, supports add-ons for instance the Google toolbar, advertising blockers, and online creator resources. Some computer games help accessories that provide extra maps, brand new characters, or supply the player game-editing capabilities. Most accessories can be found as self-installing plans. What this means is an individual can merely double-click the add-on package to put in the data for corresponding system. Other accessories may need the consumer to by hand go data into specific directories. While not all programs help add-ons, numerous programs are actually developed with add-on assistance, because it provides a straightforward technique other designers to increase the functions of this system. But only a few software packages refer to these additional features as "add-ons." Like, Dreamweaver supports "extensions," which add additional internet development features, while Excel can transfer "Add-Ins" that provide the consumer with additional spreadsheet tools. Numerous programs in addition help plug-ins, which can be considered a type of add-on.