What does ADC mean?

ADC meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Sometimes known as an A-D, ADC stands for Analog-to-Digital Converter and is something that converts the constant analog sign to a multilevel electronic sign without altering its content. You will find four commonly used ADCs utilized these days; the parallel converter, the successive approximation ADC, voltage-to-frequency ADC and integrating ADC.

ADC meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

is short for "Analog-to-Digital Converter." Since computer systems just process digital information, they might require electronic feedback. Consequently, if an analog input is sent to a pc, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is necessary. This product may take an analog sign, like an electric existing, and digitize it into a binary format that the computer system can realize. A typical usage for an ADC is to convert analog video clip to a digital format. Including, video clip taped on 8mm movie or a VHS tape is kept in an analog format. To move the video clip to a computer, the video clip needs to be changed into an electronic digital structure. This can be done making use of an ADC movie conversion field, which typically has composite video clip inputs and a Firewire production. Some electronic camcorders that have analog inputs could also be used to convert video from analog to electronic. ADCs may also be used to transform analog audio streams. If you wish to capture noises from a microphone, the sound needs to be transformed through the microphone's analog sign into an electronic sign your computer system can realize. This is why all sound cards which have an analog audio feedback also require an ADC that converts the incoming sound signal to a digital format. The accuracy associated with the audio conversion is dependent on the sampling price used in the transformation procedure. Greater sampling rates offer an improved estimation regarding the analog signal, and as a consequence produce a higher-quality noise. While ADCs convert analog inputs into an electronic format that computer systems can recognize, often a computer must output an analog signal. For this sort of transformation, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) can be used. NOTE: ADC may also are a symbol of "Apple Display Connector," which was a proprietary video clip connector developed by Apple. It blended DVI, USB, and AC power into a single cable. Apple ended creating computers with ADC ports in 2004 and only the conventional DVI connection.