What does ADAPTER mean?

ADAPTER meaning in General Dictionary

One who adapts

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  • a musician just who adapts a structure for particular voices or devices or even for another style of overall performance
  • product that enables one thing to be utilized you might say distinctive from that for which it absolutely was intended or tends to make different bits of equipment appropriate
  • One who adapts.
  • A connecting tube; an adopter.

ADAPTER meaning in Law Dictionary

ny device connecting interfaces allowing the to your workplace collectively.

ADAPTER meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1801, representative noun from adapt. Electrical manufacturing sense from 1907.

ADAPTER - German to English


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  • adapter device
  • adaptor
  • adapters

ADAPTER meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

An adapter is a tool enabling a certain kind of hardware to utilize another device that will otherwise be incompatible. Examples of adapters consist of electrical adapters, movie adapters, sound adapters, and community adapters. A power adapter, including, may convert the incoming voltage from 120V to 12V, which can be suitable for a radio or other little digital camera. Without regulating current through an adapter, the incoming electric rise could actually fry the inner aspects of the unit. Many electronic devices have adapters attached to the connect at the end of the electric cable. When you see an plug surrounded by a big box, its most likely an electrical adapter. It is possible to typically get the input and result voltage printed entirely on the adapter. A device that doesn't have an adapter from the end of its electric cable typically has an integral current adapter. Like, desktop computer systems routinely have the adapter built into the interior power supply. Video adapters and audio adapters adapt one kind of interface to some other style of connector. For example, a DVI to VGA adapter enables you to connect theDVI production of a laptop into the VGA feedback of a projector. Most professional audio devices utilize 1/4" sound jacks, many computer systems have 1/8" "minijacks" for audio input and output. Therefore, 1/4" to 1/8" audio adapters can be used to import sound into computers. Likewise, an 1/8" to 1/4" adapter can regularly result audio from a pc to a specialist sound system. Since a large number of sound and video clip interfaces exist, you can find a huge selection of sound and video adapters offered. Network cards, or NICs, are also called system adapters. These include Ethernet cards, inner Wi-Fi potato chips, and outside wireless transmitters. While these devices never transform connections like audio or movie adapters, they make it possible for computer systems to get in touch to system. Because the community card makes it possible to connect with an otherwise incompatible community, the card serves as an adapter. Likewise, movie cards are often called video adapters simply because they convert videos signal to a graphic which can be exhibited on a monitor.

ADAPTER meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A person who adapts.

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  • (letter.) A connecting tube; an adopter.

Sentence Examples with the word ADAPTER

As to its substance, it is beyond dispute that much of the text derives from the French romances of the Round Table; but the evidence does not enable us to say (1) whether it was pieced together from various French romances; (2) whether it was more or less literally translated from a lost French original; or (3) whether the first Peninsular adapter or translator was a Castilian or a Portuguese.

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