What does AD mean?

AD meaning in General Dictionary

As a prefix advertising assumes the kinds ac af ag al an ap ar as at assimilating the d with the very first letter associated with word that ad is prefixed It stays unchanged before vowels and before d h j m v Examples adduce adhere adjacent acknowledge introduction accord impact aggregate allude annex look etc It becomes ac before qu like in acquiesce

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  • in the Christian age; utilized before times following the supposed 12 months Christ was created
  • a public advertising of some service or product

AD meaning in Law Dictionary

Lat. At; by ; for; almost; because of; to ; until; upon.

AD meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1841, shortened form of advertisement. Long resisted by those in the trade, and in accordance with Mencken (1945) denounced by William C. D'Arcy (president of Associated Advertising Clubs around the globe) as "the language of bootblacks, ... under the dignity of males for the advertising profession."

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Sentence Examples with the word AD

The proportions between the four salts AB, CD, AD and CB, which exist finally in solution, are found to be the same whether we begin with the pair AB and CD or with the pair AD and CB.

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