What does ACTUAL mean?

ACTUAL meaning in General Dictionary

some thing in fact obtained genuine as distinct from determined receipts

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  • regarding or comprising action energetic
  • becoming or reflecting the essential or real personality of one thing
  • happening actually; perhaps not pretended or imitated
  • present in work or fact
  • being or current presently minute
  • presently present in fact and never just prospective or possible
  • regarding or comprising activity; active.
  • Existing in work or truth; actually acted or acting; in reality; real; -- opposed to possible, feasible, digital, speculative, possible, theoretical, or nominal; since, the cost of items; the real case under conversation.
  • for action at the time being; today exiting; current; since the actual situation of the country.
  • anything actually got; real, as distinct from expected, receipts.

ACTUAL meaning in Law Dictionary

genuine; significant; present presently in act having a valid objective presence in place of what is simply theoretical or feasible. Something genuine, against constructive or speculative; anything current in act Astor v. Merritt, 111 U. S. 202, 4 Sup. Ct. 413, 28 L. Ed. 401; Kelly v. Ben. Ass'n, 40 App. Div. 70, 61 N. Y. Supp. 394; State r. Wells, 31 Conn. 213. Concerning real "Bias," "problems," "Delivery," "Eviction," "Fraud," "Malice," "observe," "Occupation," "Ouster," "Possession," "Residence," "Seisin," "complete reduction," see those games.

ACTUAL meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 14c., "pertaining to an action," from Old French actuel "now-existing, updated" (13c.), from later Latin actualis "active, with respect to activity," adjectival kind of Latin actus (see work (n.)). The broader sense of "real, existing" (unlike potential, ideal, etc.) is from belated 14c.

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ACTUAL meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

In Husserl: see Actuality.

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  • (Lat. actus, act) 1. genuine or informative (against unreal and apparent) 2. high quality which everything possesses of having realized its potentialities or possibilities (in opposition to feasible and potential). In Aristotle: see Energeia.

ACTUAL meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Involving or comprising action; active.

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  • (a.) Existing in act or truth; really acted or acting; in reality; genuine; -- opposed to possible, possible, virtual, speculative, possible, theoretical, or nominal; because, the specific price of products; the actual instance under discussion.
  • (a.) In action at that time becoming; today exiting; current; while the actual circumstance of the nation.
  • (letter.) One thing actually obtained; real, as distinct from expected, receipts.

Sentence Examples with the word ACTUAL

No actual lapses however from chastity are alleged, and it is only complained that suspicions were aroused, apparently among the pagans.

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