What does ACROBAT mean?

ACROBAT meaning in General Dictionary

One who methods line moving high vaulting or other bold gymnastic feats

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  • an athlete just who carries out acts calling for ability and agility and control
  • One who techniques line dancing, high vaulting, or other daring gymnastic feats.

ACROBAT meaning in Law Dictionary

Compatibility software regularly transfer information from one make of computer to another without changing the appearance of the info.

ACROBAT meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1825, from French acrobate (14c.), "tightrope-walker," and right from Greek akrobates "rope dancer, gymnastic performer," which is related to akrobatos "going on tip-toe, climbing up high," from akros "topmost, on point end" (see acrid) + stem of bainein "walk, go" (see come).

ACROBAT meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One who practices rope dance, high vaulting, or any other bold gymnastic feats.