What does ACORN mean?

ACORN meaning in General Dictionary

The fruit of this pine becoming an oval nut growing in a woody cup or cupule

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  • good fresh fruit of oak-tree: a smooth thin-walled fan in a woody cup-shaped base
  • The good fresh fruit of pine, becoming an oval fan developing in a woody cup or cupule.
  • A cone-shaped piece of wood on point for the spindle above the vane, regarding mast-head.
  • See Acorn-shell.

ACORN meaning in Law Dictionary

When a residential location is grouped in one of the 39 ranks. It's carried out by age, services, composition, household dimensions, marital condition, earnings, transport mode, task, automobile ownership, and residence ownership. This really is simply a brief selection of feasible various other factor

ACORN meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English

ACORN meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Nut regarding the oak-tree; an Apache cooking basic.

ACORN meaning in Business Dictionary

A Classification Of Residential Neighborhoods. Directory that groups great britain domestic areas into 39 kinds, (together with United States residential places into 36 kinds) according to age, structure, facilities, family dimensions, income, marital standing, mode of happen to be work, occupation, ownership of car, ownership of house, etc. It really is in line with the concept that areas with comparable demographic and social attributes have a tendency to share common way of life and patterns of getting behavior. Designed mainly for advertising and promotional promotions because of the UK researcher Richard Webber, and very first posted in 1977.

ACORN meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The fruit for the pine, being an oval nut growing in a woody cup or cupule.

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  • (letter.) A cone-shaped piece of wood in the point of spindle over the vane, in the mast-head.

Sentence Examples with the word ACORN

The growth of the oak is slow, though it varies greatly in different trees; Loudon states that an oak, raised from the acorn in a garden at Sheffield Place, Sussex, became in seventy years 12 ft.

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