What does ACL mean?

ACL meaning in Medical Dictionary

Anterior cruciate ligament.

ACL meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

brief for Access Control List, ACL is a list containing one or more ACE that informs a computer os or other system unit what rights people need each product on a pc or community unit. For example, an ACL may specify if a user or perhaps the people group gain access to a file or folder thereon computer or network.

ACL meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

means "Access Control List." An ACL is a list of user permissions for a file, folder, or other item. It defines what users and groups have access to the item and what functions they can do. These functions typically consist of look over, write, and execute. If an ACL specifies read-only accessibility for a specific individual of a file, that individual will have the ability available the file, but cannot compose to it or run the file. Access control listings provide an easy method of handling file and folder permissions. They have been employed by most systems, including Windows, Mac, and Unix systems. While ACLs are typically concealed from individual, they can usually be altered utilizing a graphical user interface. Like, in Mac OS X 10.5, ACL settings is modified by choosing a file or folder and choosing "Get information." The access control options is altered within the "posting and Permissions" section of the screen. On Unix methods, ACLs can be edited utilizing the chmod() demand.