What does ACK mean?

ACK meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Brit dental rule for page the in cordless and phone interaction, 1898; ergo ack-ack "anti-aircraft" (gun, fire, etc.).

ACK meaning in Business Dictionary

See acknowledgement.

ACK meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

brief for acknowledgement, ACK is a solution provided by another computer or community unit indicating to another computer system it acknowledged the SYN/ACK or other demand provided for it.

Sentence Examples with the word ACK

The frames hang vertically from the bottom of the overhead bridge, and rest against a sill at the bottom when the weir is in operation, the openings between the frames being closed below the water-level by rolling-up curtains or sliding panels, which are lowered or raised by a travelling winch carried by a small foot-bridge formed by hinged brackets at the p ack of the frames, and situated a little above the highest floodlevel.

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