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Afternoon Coffee BreakDuhhh! You realize you intend to simply take an ACB every week time after lunch! The absolute most ideal, recommended time for takin any ACB is 3:00PM (Mon-Fri). Never to stress if you feel like getting your caffeine fix early in the afternoon...Just call-it an E-ACB (very early ....) Attention Craving Bitch : A Female or Male whom always desires attention. Usually they have been annoying as hell. Quick for "Anonymous Confession Board" that pupils at a particular institution usage; web confession board that is usually mistreated by extremely passive-aggressive pupils who don't know how to simply take jokes use to sound their particular childish views; web confession board which some pupils used to insult innocent pupils also to verify their meaningless existences; internet based confession board which many students that don't understand the worth of communication used to compensate for their particular inner selves; online confession board which help some pupils feel wanted by generating an untrue sense of neighborhood through insulting another person; on the web confession boards abused by idiots who don't know comprehend standard issue resolving; internet based confession board abused by idiots Mnemonic device for "Air Conditioner Booty": a female whose bottom, when seen from part, look like a wall-unit air conditioning equipment protruding from a home.