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ACA = Alcohol, Condoms & Attitude. The three factors needed for any episode of The Jersey Shore. hereadv. - aquí, acá, en este momento, en este caso, en esta instanciaint. - ven aquí!, aquí tienes!adj. - aquí, acán. - este sitio, el presente, esta vida AfterCampAdventureShitafter a long difficult day at Camp Adventure everyone works residence to take their ACAS a prison which inmates are addressed horribly. The prison inmates have to use green strait jackets and kakhi pants. The clothes continuously tear since they happen french toasted. They have to proceed through a regular toture of Saw-dee, bash-rat, and did-mark. All tortures are beyond imagination consequently they are painful just to just consider. worst freaking Americas Army clan on earth. composed of sweaty 14 yr old pricks with dilemmas. them all should obtain really site hacked and unusable, since those men are wannabe mackdaddies