What does ABROGATION mean?

ABROGATION meaning in General Dictionary

The act of abrogating repeal by authority

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  • the act of abrogating; the state or appropriate termination
  • The act of abrogating; repeal by expert.

ABROGATION meaning in Law Dictionary

The activity of repealing a legislation, an annulment, or cancelling an existing statute or contract.

ABROGATION meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from Latin abrogationem (nominative abrogatio) "repeal of a law," noun of activity from previous participle stem of abrogare (see abrogate).

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ABROGATION meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work of abrogating; repeal by authority.

Sentence Examples with the word ABROGATION

But Falk retired in 1879; various mutual concessions were made which led to a gradual abrogation of the May laws.

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