What does ABO blood group mean?

ABO blood group meaning in Medical Dictionary

the main human being blood group system. The ABO style of a person depends on the existence or absence of two genetics, A and B. These genes determine the setup associated with purple bloodstream cell area. An individual who has actually two A genes has purple bloodstream cells of type A. Someone who features two B genetics features red cells of type B. If the person has actually one A and one B gene, the red cells tend to be type AB. If individual has neither the A nor the B gene, the red cells are type O. It is crucial to match the ABO standing of both donor and receiver in bloodstream transfusions and organ transplants.

ABO blood group meaning in Sexual Dictionary

category of purple blood cells on the basis of the presence or absence of A and B-type antigens. According to the particular antigen present, you are assigned a blood type of A, B, AB or O. The ABO blood group system is very important because it determines who can donate blood to or take bloodstream from who. Type A or AB blood will cause a protected response in people with kind B bloodstream and kind B and AB blood may cause a response in people who have type A blood. Alternatively, type O bloodstream doesn't have A or B antigens, so people with kind O blood are universal donors. And because AB bloodstream already produces both antigens, folks who are kind AB can take the various other bloodstream kinds without suffering a protected reaction.See in addition Rh element.